Holiday Cheer With Absolut Elyx

The holiday’s are here! It’s time to raise a glass and cheer to this past year with close friends and family.

If you’re anything like Shawn and I this season, you’ll be entertaining guest around the clock. What better way to ring in the holiday cheer than with a classic Absolut Elyx cocktail?

By now, you likely know we are huge fans of Absolut Elyx. Don’t miss our last post where we shared on our favorite cocktail recipes, the Raspberry Mule. And, honestly, who can resist their incredible collection of copper stem and serving wear? We will be gifting sets to all of our close friends and family this holiday.



Every drop of Absolut Elyx is produced using winter wheat grown on one single estate in Southern Sweden.

Copper plays the lead role in the production of Absolut Elyx. For the perfect raw spirit for Elyx they achieve maximum contact with copper by using sacrificial copper – a process called copper catalyzation.

The raw spirit is further rectified using a vintage copper still from 1921 which is hand operated to make our unique fine spirit. The use of the hand operated copper still involves traditional skills and techniques known only by a select few.

It is the unique way in which they use copper that gives Absolut Elyx its celebrated rich silky, exceptionally smooth finish.

This holiday season we’ll serving one of our favorites, the Copper Cup #16.


3 Parts Absolut Elyx
3 Parts Fresh Passion Fruit Puree/Juice
1 Part Homemade Vanilla Cordial*
Top Champagne
Garnish: Fresh Passion Fruit and Mint
Method: Combine all ingredients in a copper cup over crushed ice, top with champagne and garnish


Even better news than a good, classic cocktail? A great sale! This week, Absolut Elyx’s will be hosting a Black Friday sale. Save 25% off SITE WIDE from 12:01am on Friday to Monday night.

Which Absolut Elyx cocktail will you be serving guests this holiday?


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