1. Mix together the cut up cinnamon rolls with the other ingredients until well coated.  If you don’t you will end up with clumps of cooked cinnamon rolls instead of ooey gooey monkey bread.
  2. While I added apples to this Monkey Bread recipe, it can also be made with other fruits such as blueberries, peaches and bananas.
  3. For added flavor, I recommend adding pecans and walnuts to the recipe.  I threw them in on a whim and was so happy that I did!  They really added a nice touch.  The deep flavor and crunch were great in contrast to the sweet and soft cinnamon rolls and apples.
  4. When you take the monkey bread out of the Instant Pot, let it cool for about 5-10 minutes.  If you don’t it may not set-up as well and instead of having monkey bread, you’ll end up with a pile of monkey nuggets.