April 24, 2019

Ways To Add Color To Your Wardrobe

Looking for more ways to add color to your wardrobe?  Today, 5 simple ways to add gradual pops of colors to your closet.
If we follow each other on Instagram, or you’re a regular followers of the blog, you might be calling my bluff right now as I am rarely not dressed head to toe is various shades of the rainbow (that sounds terrible, doesn’t it?) But, I have not always been as confident buying or dressing in brights. Like many of you, my closet used to be filled with a lot of black.  And more black.
If you wardrobe is mostly dressed in neutrals or blacks, whites and grey (like my beautiful friend Daniela’s), but you’ve always wanted to add more pops of color, here are a few of my quick tips for ways to add more color to your wardrobe.

1.  Start with your accessories.

A great way to gradually add more color into your wardrobe is to start with a few statement accessories to brighten up your look or to add dimension.  Perhaps it’s a nice red pump, or a mint green or pink clutch, or a colorful scarf . Throwing on quick, thoughtful pieces will add polish and poise to any look.  Both the cross-body bag from this look (which is my new obsession and also shown here for a more casual look) and these soft pastel heels have been great additions to my closet and are extremely versatile pieces!

2. Consider swapping out your Little Black Dress for a Little Blue Dress.

A few rules to remember: sapphire and cobalt shades work best with fair complexions while softer tones place nicely with more peach skin colors.  Shades such as navy, teal, chambray and sky look great on just about everyone. 🙂

3. Change up your polish.

I have a hard time with this one myself, but I have begun to experiment with new colors such as mints and baby blues.  I am typically someone who only chooses colors in the shell pink, red or brown families, but opting for soft colorful shades is one of the most affordable, versatile ways to accessorize your look while getting your feet wet in color experimentation.

4. Add a coat or blazer.

Bags are like coats; we often stick to neutral colors, so that the coat goes with everything. A brightly colored coat can really make an impact however. Think of jewel colors like red or green – it’ll really brighten up the cold, dark winter months! If you’re really bold, look for a patterned coat.

5. Boost your look and mood with lipstick.

This is also one that took me some time to get comfortable with, but now I am hooked.  Shades of reasonable pink, a soft orange or bright red lip can really draw attention and pizzazz to any look.  Think a black cocktail dress with a great bold lip? Yes, please!
If there are any other tips, styles or topics you would like to see here on A Lily Love Affair, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!  I’ll do my absolute best to bring you content you desire and hope this continues to be a space for seeking inspiration and style advice.
Thanks so much, as always for stopping by today! I hope you all are having such a great week so far!
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