May 9, 2020

The Chillhouse Yoga Retreat Bali

Are you looking for a chic yoga retreat in Bali?  Look no further than The Chillhouse. Today, we’re sharing all the incredible details of this perfect stay in Canggu. 


Shawn and I booked our first trip to Bali a few months back and were waiting in anticipation for our departure date.  We’ve been really fortunate to have traveled to some great destinations over the years.  Before heading to The Chillhouse, I did not think the trip could top some of spectacular places we’ve had the opportunity to stay.  I was wrong.

Our trip to Bali, and stay at The Chillhouse, was nothing short of spectacular.  One for the books.  A place we cannot wait to return. It made for the perfect yoga retreat Bali.  

There are so many reasons to love Bali, but our stay at The Chillhouse was really what made this particular trip so special and memorable.  If you love to travel, and Bali is on your bucket list, move it to the top.  Like, immediately.  We loved it so much we extended out start by 4 days.

In today’s post, we’re going to outline for you the incredible amenities, what made The Chillhouse one of the best yoga retreats Bali, the staff and the incredible food.

Also, we had the opportunity to travel the island fairly extensively during our stay (many trips at the suggestion of the staff we now call family at The Chillhouse). We will follow this post with several others which detail our trips to Uluwatu, Ubud, Lempuyang and more.




Let’s first dive into our stay at The Chillhouse.

The Chillhouse in Canggu is a tropical lifestyle retreat that offers stylish accommodations and delicious organic meals, along with yoga sessions, surfing, body and soul treatments, and a wide range of cultural and healing activities. This fabulous yoga retreat in Bali was established back in 2005 as the first ever accommodation in Canggu – now one of Bali’s most hip destinations.

Guests of The Chillhouse are typically within the 25-40 years age range, mostly solo travelers looking for a place to indulge in a fulfilling holiday or even long term stay with like-minded people to hook up with and have a good time. The front of the resort, and The Chillhouse on-site cafe, Cassava, is open to the public with full access the cafe, pool and shop.

Shawn and I had the chance to meet and mingle with so many people from across the globe.  It was great to see so many people flock to Cassava throughout the day to eat, swim and work.

The Chillhouse is situated in the heart of Canggu and surrounded by a vast array of local shops and eateries.  If you are looking to venture out away from The Chillhouse for the day, you can coordinate scooter rentals at the front desk for around 60,000 IDR a day – or roughly $6 USD.  We’ll cover more about scooter rentals in greater detail towards the later half of this post.


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What makes one of the best yoga retreats Bali is their accommodations and amenities.  The Chillhouse offers a vast array of room accommodations to fit almost everyone’s budgets and needs.  Specifically, the resort offers the following:


  • 1 Three Floor Deluxe Loft with queen size bed (2×1.8m)
  • 11 Deluxe Rooms with twin beds (2x1m)
  • 6 Standard rooms with single beds (2x1m)
  • Deluxe Rooms can hold one extra person at extra cost


  • The Commune – 3 bedrooms, kitchen, pool – perfect for families
  • Yoga House – 5 bedrooms – perfect for retreats

Shawn and I had the pleasure of staying in both a Deluxe Room and The Loft (called the Gerry Lopez).  Each accommodation includes breakfast, dinner, 1 yoga session per day, access to the FitBox, drinking water, Bali tour and activity help desk and WiFi.

What I though was really spectacular was every shower on the resort is partially outside and open to the warm Bali air.  A shower under the stars?  Yes, please!  While a shower outdoors may not be for everyone, Shawn and I loved the experience.

And, have no fear, the showers and restrooms are covered so no other guests/visitors can see in.



Taking a break from the yoga classes?  This yoga retreat offer two pools on the resort campus.  The first (pictured below) is located at the entrance of The Chillhouse and Cassava Poolside Cafe.  This pool is open to the public and technically part of Cassava Cafe.  And, while it is open to the public, I found it was never overly crowded and all guests were very respectful and kind.

This is the space Shawn and I found ourselves hanging out most frequently.  It was great to have easy, quick access to Cassava for food and cocktails.  Not to mention, we really enjoyed having the opportunity to meet and mingle with all of the locals coming to enjoy Cassava.

The Chillhouse does offer a private pool, as well, located towards the back of the resort and strictly private to The Chillhouse guests.  It’s a lovely space just around the corner from the on-site, open air yoga studio.  Head there if you’re looking for more private, peaceful time to soak up the sun.


There are no shortage of great communal spaces available at The Chillhouse.  Whether you’re looking for a quite place to read, a space for meditation or yoga practice, or a great place to catch some sun – The Chillhouse has you covered.

We’ve pictured a number of the spaces in the photos below to help give you a better feel for the space.

Travelling solo on your yoga retreat Bali?  Relax in the large sun beds above the Cassava pool or listen to your favorite podcast is the space above the Cassava Cafe.  I can almost guarantee you’ll leave this space feeling more relaxed, centered and rejuvenated.




Your stay at The Chillhouse includes one yoga session per day.  There are two different classes running each day – one in the morning and one in the early afternoon.  Classes include vinyasa, hatha flow, roll and release, sound healing, yin and more.  It’s sure to be one of the best classes you’ll take on the island.

The yoga studio itself is a beautiful light and breezy open air yoga shala situated amidst the palms and trees of the resort.  The studio space can fit up to 25 mats per session.  And, all mats and props are provided.

Interested in hosting your next yoga retreat, workshop or training at The Chillhouse?  They have you covered.  See contact details at thechillhouse.com

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What makes this yoga retreat Bali even more special?  The food.

Before I get started, I have to say, Shawn and I had the pleasure of eating at a number of the top restaurants across Bali and I can honestly say Cassava was THE BEST!  Here’s why.

Cassava works with local ethical growers that practice methods that encourage healthy soils and biodiversity. They believe in keeping traditions alive and know that this produce provides increased nutrition to our bodies.

Except for the Herbalife Products nothing at Cassava is imported from beyond Indonesia.  This cuts food miles, over processing, the use of preservatives and ensures optimum freshness. Therefore you won’t find wheat or almonds on our menus.  And trust me, it’s all delicious!

These apparent limitations become fuel for creativity and at Cassava, they believe the final product is superior, crafted with integrity, respecting our environment, the produce, and the nourishment of our bodies.

For example, in an effort to not import wheat, as they have heard how this has negatively impacted agriculture in Indonesia, Cassava has found that cassava flour makes a far superior loaf, delicious, light and full of nutrients, it contains no gluten, in fact its gut friendly as is full of prebiotics. By using this product over others Cassava is supporting a local business and local farmers who share their ethics meaning their network grows.

In fact, they have found cassava to be the solution to most of their challenges, hence the name. A nutrient dense, super versatile plant that is not only sustainable but actually regenerative!

Also, apart from their bakery items, everything is made in house at Cassava. Including Jams, Nut butters, Granolas.  And, Shawn was literally obsessed with their granola.  So much so, we brought home a bag from their cafe.  This way they ensure there are no nasties.  No processed sugar, no MSG, no excess packaging.

Veggie scraps and Plate scrapings are used as animal feed and compost.  How cool is that?

Here are a few of the menu items I highly recommend:

  • My Little Pony
  • Swiss Swoo
  • Avo Beautiful Day
  • Sri Lankan Egg Hopper
  • Nasi Goreng a la Cassava
  • The Wife and the Mistress
  • Summer Salad
  • Carbonara
  • All the ‘Morning Refreshers’

Also, dinners in the evening are served communal style.  Get out there, meet some new folks and have a great time!  You will not be disappointed!




The main mode of transportation in Bali is via Scooters or Motorbikes.  Thankfully, you can quickly and conveniently rent scooters directly from The Chillhouse front desk.  The cost is 60000 IDR per day or roughly $60 USD.

Shawn and I rented one scooter and helmets every day during our trip to travel to the beach and beyond.  While researching the trip, Shawn and I came across several reviews from folks that had rented scooters from other local transportation shops only to have issues with their scooters while traveling across the island.  This was not the case with our scooter rental at The Chillhouse.

As I mentioned above, 75% of the way into our trip, Shawn and I decided to extend our stay in Bali.  Our initial intent was to move from Canggu to Uluwatu, but loved The Chillhouse so much we extended our stay here.

One of deciding factors, aside from the amazing accommodations and incredible staff, was the reliability and availability of scooter rentals.  He and I traveled as far as 2.5 hours away on the scooter with no issues what so ever.




As we were sharing our yoga retreat in Bali experience with you all on Instagram and Stories, we received a number of questions from you all with regards to our stay.  We’ll answer a few of those below.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email or submit your questions in the comments below!  We are happy to update with the post with answers.

You traveled to Bali in February which is technically considered their rainy season.  Did it rain a lot?  

It did rain almost every day, but the rain only lasted for about an hour or less.  Shortly after the rain showers, the sky opened up to nothing but blue skies.  Shawn did buy us some rain jackets, and even waterproof covers for our backpacks which carried our video and camera equipment.  These items were really handy.  Also, when we traveled away from the resort.

Were there a lot of mosquitoes and bugs?

There were some mosquitoes, but not a lot.  Each bed at The Chillhouse has soft, light nets which you can release to cover the bed at night if you find the bugs to be more than your liking.

With The Chillhouse being in Canggu, did you feel like the location allowed you to travel to parts of the island you wanted to see conveniently or were the ‘good spots’ too far? 

YES!  Before we arrived in Bali, Shawn and I did a ton of research on where we wanted to explore across the island.  Some of the spots we visited, like Lempuyang were almost 2.5 hours away from Canggu.  We will recap each day we spent in Bali in separate posts, but can say the location was great.

We traveled all over the island.  Ubud twice (about an hour away), Uluwatu for the day (about an hour away, as well), etc.  Not to mention, Canggu is an amazing location to explore and enjoy!

Was it expensive in Bali once you arrived? 

It was not!  The exchange rate was approximately $13.80 USD to 1 IDR.  That makes the Deluxe Rooms here at The Chillhouse, for example, roughly $100 per night.  The food and shopping across the island was very inexpensive, in my opinion.  Shawn and I did not skimp by any means and almost never spent from than $100 USD per day on food, travel and shopping.

For example, we filled up our motorbike about once per day and the cost of gas as roughly a $1.50 USD.


Looking for the best place to stay in Canggu? Looking for great Bali food and an amazing yoga retreat in Bali? Look no further than The Chillhouse Bali and Cassava Poolside café | Travel Bali | Travel Canggu #travelbali #bali #thechillhouse #yogaretreat #baliyoga


Thank you all so much for following along on our Bali journey!

Again, if you are looking for an incredible yoga retreat Bali, or just an amazing place to call home for a few days, look no further than The Chillhouse!

If you have any other questions we can answer, please shoot us a note!  We are glad to help you plan your stay!


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