November 6, 2019

9 Shops for Affordable Workout Clothes


Does the thought of spending $100 or more on a pair of workout leggings drive you crazy?  Yep, us too!  Finding affordable workout clothes without sacrificing quality shouldn’t be a pain. 


Today, we are really excited to share with you 9 of our favorite shops to find affordable workout clothes – both online and in-store shops.  Also, don’t miss your chance to win a really incredible $1000 Amazon giveaway!

Don’t get me wrong, some of my favorite brands to shop are Athleta and Koral, but they can be costly.

We’ve rounded up some great picks from our online shopping excursions to give you great pieces under $50. From Amazon Prime to Old Navy, there are great pieces that are figure flattering, comfortable, and technical enough to handle ultrasweaty, intense exercise.





I am new to shopping at H&M for activewear, but for the few pieces I do have I really enjoy.  The quality is better than I was expecting, as well.




I love, love, love the affordable workout clothes from Target.  They have really stepped up their game in the leisurewear department over the last few years.  I particularly love the C9 collection from Champion. 

They have a great selection of fun prints and patterns and they quality is so good for the price.  I have washed and worn my Target pieces over and over and they are still good as new!

JoyLab just launched a collection with Target as well and the pieces are SO cute!  The pieces certainly make getting to the gym just a bit more tolerable.  And hey, you’ll still have money in your wallet for cocktails with the girls after.



Talk about affordable!  Fabletics is an awesome destination for chic affordable workout clothes.  Whether you’re a runner, yogi or just hitting the gym for weights and cardio, Fabletics has almost everything you need at a really affordable price point.  Not to mention, they have put a heavy focus on quality over the last year+.

One of the reasons I really love Fabletics over some of the others, aside from their prices, is they make shopping for a ‘look’ really simple.   When you shop with them online, they group the entire workout look together for you (leggings, bra, and tank in some cases) so you can shop quickly an easily. 

The entire 2-3 piece looks is also already priced for you so there is no guessing what your total cost will be at checkout.

We did a full review of our experience with Fabletics a year or so back.  If you’re looking for more details, be sure to check that out.




Old Navy might be my second favorite place ever to buy affordable workout clothes.  I have been shopping Old Navy for the last several years and their quality for the price has to be one of the best.  Similar to my experience with Target, I have washed and worn my Old Navy pieces time and time again and they still look like I just brought them home for the first time.

I have had an occasion or two where their pieces have run a bit more on the smaller side so I typically choose a small in pants and tops (as opposed to XS at Target for example).  They, too, have really fun patterns and a wide selection of pieces at incredible prices.




I haven’t yet purchased workout clothes from Forever 21 so I can’t speak to the quality just yet.  You can, however, snag a sports bra or leggings for as low as $12 – $15.  I can say, at initial glance, I do like the design of a lot of their leggings and sports bras. If you have tried Forever 21, I’d love to know your thoughts.





As you might expect, there are a number of affordable workout clothes and brands on Amazon.  A few brands I have tried and liked in particular include 90 Degree by Reflex, RBX and Sweaty Rocks.  Many of the styles below come in multiple colors (some upwards of 10+) so if the color isn’t your thing, but you like the style, click through for your color preference.




The Gap workout clothes collection gets better and better with each season.  They have an extensive collection of leggings, sports bras, tops and even great outwear pieces.  I have purchased a number of their pieces over the years and they continue to be ones I come back to over and over.  Not to mention, you can almost always find a really great sale happening at Gap which makes their affordable workout clothes even safer on your wallet.



While you can find a number of more costly brands available to at Nordstrom, brands like Zella offer a vast selection of less costly items.  I will say, of all of the brands and shops listed, Zella is still at the top of the list in terms of price. 

To compare, most Zella leggings for example are priced around $50 as opposed to $25 or less for many of the brands listed above.  The quality of their pieces, however, is worth the money if you’re looking to splurge a little more.




If you have yet to shop ASOS online, you may be missing out.  ASOS has been one of my all-time favorite shops for all things dresses, swimsuits and more.  But it wasn’t until recently I started to shop their great selection of affordable workout clothes.  90% of the pieces below are priced less than $30.  Score!


Anna Baun of A Lily Love Affair sharing 9 great shops for affordable workout clothes. More than 100 workout tops, bottoms, and coats included.

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