May 10, 2023

Fabletics Review (Read Before You Buy)

A women wearing Fabletics leggings and sports bra sharing a detailed Fabletics review


If you’ve been considering a purcahse at Fabletics, you’ll want to see today’s detailed Fabletics review.  We shopped for the first time and are detailing our honest thoughts.

NOTE:  This post was originally written in 2019.  However, we updated the post with new Fabletics VIP details and recent purcahse feedback.

Where has the time gone, y’all. Who else cannot believe we’re more than halfway through the year as we inch our way into September? I’m shocked.

With the year half over, I usually like to take a few moments to re-review my list of goals I set prior to the New Year as a little checks and balance for how far I’ve come in meeting those goals and where I could use a little work.

It’s no secret for any of us, this year has been a bit more challenging than expected. Like many of you, long hours at the office, COVID stress and anxiety, keeping the house and family in order, the commitment and pressure we put on ourselves to be good wives, mothers, etc.  There have been a number of times these last several months I have felt order slipping right through my fingers.

While reviewing my 2020 goals, and reflecting on what I can do to move the needle in a more positive direction for the later half of this year, I noticed one core element that has been missing – my fitness regimen.

Let’s me honest, guys, up until the last few months, it’s been virtually non-existent. It’s difficult to even say that out loud. And in hindsight, I can see why my life has been a little bit more out of order without a good outlet like running outdoors or a quick trip to yoga or the gym.

In years past this has been a much larger priority for me. While I have a serious love-hate relationship with running, in years past I ran 5 half marathons and at the beginning of this year was running 10 miles a day, two or three times a week.

Somewhere along the way, I lost this passion with the overwhelming feeling there were just too many things on my plate. Running and a solid workout took a complete backseat. Terrible, right? I know.

These last few months, however, I decided to take back control and re-commit to my daily workout regimine. I re-read and published my post on 7 Simple Tips on How to Commit to Working Out and decided to get back on the horn.  And, if you read the post, you know one of my motivators is feeling good in my workout clothes.  

So, imagine my surprise and amazement when literally the day after I had this revelation I received communication from Fabletics to review their collection and VIP membership.

Y’all, it was seriously almost as if someone from above was saying “Now’s the time, girl! There’s no backing out now.” The timing could not have been more perfect.  

While there are many things I have enjoyed about shopping Fabletics activewear, there are definitely some things to watch for before you make a purchase or register for the Fabletics VIP Membership.  

In this honest review of Fabletics, we will cover the following.  Use these links to navigate the review.

  • What is Fabletics
  • How does the Fabletics VIP membership work? 
  • Is the VIP Program worth it? 
  • How do you ‘skip this month’ with the VIP membership? 
  • How often can you ‘skip the month’? 
  • Can you cancel your VIP membership? 
  • Detailed Fabletics Apparel Review 
  • Where else we prefer to shop for affordable workout clothes


A women wearing blue Fabletics leggings and a pink sports bra sharing a detailed Fabletics review


JustFab Inc. Co-CEOs, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, launched Fabletics with Kate Hudson after they saw what they considered a gap in the activewear marketplace.  In their view, there were plenty of luxury brands, but none that offered stylish and high quality gear at an accessible price point.  In 2013, the three joined forces to create Fabletics. 

Fabletics claims to offer clothing that’s cut to keep pace with your active lifestyle, from brightly patterned printed leggings to fashionably designed crop tops, unique designs and more.

You can shop the Fabletics collection online or in-stores and can either pay full price (other than those on sale) or you can register for their VIP Program where you can purchase pieces at discounted prices. 


NOTE: Before making a purchase online, I HIGHLY recommend reading the fine print and paying attention to the discount you are receiving.  I know a number of people that wanted to take advantage of the ‘Fabletics 2 for $24 leggings’ deal and were enrolled into the VIP program.  Be sure you are reading carefully to ensure you’re not doing so if that’s not your intent.  

So, how does the Fabletics VIP Program work and is it worth it?  We hope to answer all of your questions in this details Fabletics review.  


First and foremost, you can sign up for VIP membership program in-stores or online at the time you’re interested in making your purcahse.  Once you are registered for the monthly membership, you can shop new monthly collections with entire outfits curated for you. 

There is no auto-delivery so you will need to shop for your selections yourself (again, online or in-stores).  Curated outfit ideas will be available via your online profile when logged in and sent to you via email.  

Each month you can shop for your favorite Fabletics activewear or simply click ‘skip this month’ by the 5th of every month (you will receive reminders!).  If you do not choose skipping that month you will be charged a subscription fee of $49.95 for a member credit.  That credit does into your VIP account and can be used which can be redeemed for any 2-piece outfit or item up to $80, online or in-store.  Any unused credits expire after 12 months.

Once you’ve made a purchase, if you are not satisfied you can return or exchange your first order within 45 days and 30 days on any order after that.  

Last, if you prefer to cancel the membership or monthly clothing subscription, you can call member services 24/7 at (844) FABLETICS.  You can also use the Fabletics online Live Chat Service who are available from 9AM – 9PM EST.


In addition to shopping curated collections, you will also received the following VIP perks: 

  • Up 20-50% off everything, always, with new arrivals every week
  • FREE shipping when you spend $49+.  Plus, free returns and exchanges within 45 days
  • Get access to Fabletics FIT app.  Includes full access to trainer-led, on-demand home workouts
  • VIP-Only offers 
  • Earn Fabletics BeneFits loyalty points with each purchase ($1 = 1 point) and earn Cash Rewards and free gear as you accumulate points!


I signed up for the Fabletics VIP Program to take advantage of the ‘Fabletics 2 for $24 leggings’ offer.  At that time, I purchased 2 pairs of leggings, 2 sports bras and 2 tank tops which would have totaled $229.80 (full-price). 

Because I signed up for Fabletics membership VIP Program, I was able to purchase the 2 pair of pants for $24 and received a ‘New Member 30% Discounted Offer’ bringing my total to $129.75.  On average, that made each item about $22 which I was happy with.  The rest of the VIP membership program was confusing in my opinion.  However, Fabletics recently updated their Membership Credit details to make it much more beneficial for members.  Here’s how:

The ongoing Fabletics charge is $49.95 each month. Instead of receiving a $49.95 credit that could be used to redeem Fabletics activewear at $49.95, you will now be charge a monthly subscription fee of $49.95 for one Member Credit.  That Member Credit can used to redeem any item or outfit up to $80.  


With all of the above being said, is the VIP program worth it in that case? 

In my opinion, I think the monthly subscription fee is worth it, if:

  1. You will use the new Fabletics FIT app for at home workouts, etc.  AND, that will save you money you would have otherwise spent at a gym or other fitness membership.  
  2. You know you will utilize the monthly Member Credit often. 
  3. OR, you know you are responsible enough to “skip this month” or “cancel my account” if you don’t use as often as you planned. 

For me personally, Fabletics isn’t the only retailer I like to shop at for good fitness apparel so I have used the ‘skip this month’ feature three times since joining. Also, set yourself a reminder around the 3rd to ‘skip this month’, if needed.  

Be sure to read our post on our favorite 9 Shops for Affordable Workout Clothes || Fall & Winter Edition if you’re looking for other great shops.  

More details on skipping the month below.  

A Lily Love Affair sharing her Fabletics review wearing blue leggings, white adidas sneakers and a Fabletics sports bra


If you are interested in skipping the month with your VIP Program, pull up your account using your laptop or computer, log in, click on ‘My Outfits,” then choose ‘skip the month’ button.  You may be asked to answer a few questions/quick survey.  If so, be sure to complete and wait for the prompt that says “You have successfully skipped.”  Be sure you also receive a confirmation via email and be sure to save for your records.  

Remembering to skip can be a challenge so be sure to set a reminder for yourself or add those days of the month on your calendar.  If you forget to skip the month, you will be charged the regular monthly subscription fee of $49.95.


You can skip the month as often as you like.  


If your experience with Fabletics hasn’t been as positive as you might like, and you prefer to cancel your membership, you can do so at any time.  Rest assured, there is no cancellation fee. 

If you’re in the US, please contact Fabletics US Member Services at +1-844-322-5384 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to cancel your VIP Membership or contact us through Live Chat 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM EST. 

If you’re in Canada, please contact Fabletics Canada Member Services at +1-844-833-6220 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to cancel your VIP Membership or contact us through Live Chat 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM EST. 

A women wearing Fabletics leggings and sports bra sharing a detailed Fabletics review


This Fabletics review would not be complete without detailing for you my expereince with Fabletics quality, sizing and more.  


Some of the biggest concerns I have heard regarding the Fabletics activewear collection is with regards to the overall quality.  I have read a number of reviews from folks that have said the quailty was less than stellar and/or made with cheap fabric. 

Some older reviews have also noted the material was thin.  So far, that has not been my experience.  I have purchased fabletics leggings, sports bras, tanks and socks and each has held up well so far.  

I will say, however, I think the quality of the Trinity Mid-Rise Pocket Leggings (blue leggings pictured above with the sheel panels) was better than the black pair, in my opinion.  The black pair are made of cotton and I find cotton has a tendency to fade quickly in the wash.  

I have worn and washed my pieces a number of different times and have experienced no pilling, loose stitching, etc – with the exception of the ones made of cotton only.  Those pair did fade slightly with every wash.  

I will go into greater detail below on other retailers I like as much or better.  In my opinion, I think you can find stylish pairs at a more affordable price points.  We highlighted some of our favorite retailers in this post: 9 Shops for Affordable Workout Clothes || Fall & Winter Edition.

It’s worth noting that Fabletics isn’t claiming to beat prices or quality pieces you’ll find at retailers, such as Old Navy and Target.

Instead, they compare their collection offerings with more fashionable activewear brands like Lululemon and Nike.


Before we get into sizing details, it might be helpful for me to give you a bit more details on my body type.  I am only 5’0 tall and have a more althletic build. 

More specifically, I have thicker thights and a smaller waist.  I often have a hard time finding quality pants and leggings that fit my height, thighs and waist at the same time.  I have had luck, however, with Fabletics leggings and tops. Specifically, I really enjoy the high-waisted legging options.   They do have a great selection of bottoms which fit well for petite women such as myself. 

I have found the majority of Fabletics clothing do fit true to size with the exception of a few pieces.  Because of that, I always recommend shopping their pieces in-store so you can try them on for size.   

However, if you prefer to shop online they have a great return policy. There have only been one pair of leggings I have purchased which fit more snug than any others.  99% of the time, I would choose your true size.   I am attaching a link to their sizing chart for reference.  

For reference, I wear a small in Zella, Athleta and Lululemon leggings.  I found the Fabletics leggings to fit well and took a size small.  I did find the cotton leggings (black ones above) were just a tad more fitting than the blue pair.  

As for tops and sports bras, I almost always buy a medium even though I have a smaller chest.  They fit a tad more loose than the ones I have purcahsed from Zella, Athleta, but still fit well.  

From a petite perspective, I will say I have to almost always stick with a cropped legging for the length making the selection for me a bit more limited. For example, these Trinity Mid Rise Pocket leggings are more cropped on the model, but fit full length on my body.  

One of the things I appreciate most about the Fabletics collection is their size ranges and inclusivity.  Most pieces are available from size XX-small to size 4X.  Beware, popular items do sell out fast in all sizes.  

Just note that sports bra sizes are categorized in the same way, not by standard bra sizing of cups and bands—a potential problem for women with larger bra sizes who need support during high-impact sports.

A women wearing Fabletics leggings and sports bra sharing a detailed Fabletics review


All-in-all, is Fabletics worth the hype?  

Yes and no.  IF you buy workout wear often, and are looking for quailty, stylish pieces then I think the VIP Program might be worth it for you in terms of savings.  I would, however, not pay full price for many of their pieces when I can find similar styles and quailty from retailers such as Target, Zella, Athleta, etc.  

In terms of quality, I do think Fabletics gets better and better with time and feedback from customers. 


If you are looking for other affordable retailers that make stylish pieces and made with quality materials, here are just a few of our favorites: 

  • Old Navy – while the pieces are really affordable, I have almost always found their pieces to hold up really well for the price.  I shop at Old Navy for workout gear regularly.  They are almost always running a great sale, too!  
  • Target – Similar to Old Navy, I have purcahsed some great athletic pieces at Target.  They, too, have held up really well over time and have become some of my favorite pieces over time.  
  • Amazon – Amazon has a really incredible selection of high-quality, yet affordable workout wear.  I have saved some of my favorite pieces in the ‘Workout Wear Essentials’ shop.  
  • Zella – I love love love any piece I have purcahsed from Zella which is available at Nordstrom.  The quality is really fantastic and remained some of my all-time favorites.  You won’t typically find the pieces in vibrant colors or prints, but if you’re looking for classic colors you cannot go wrong with Zella.  

Remember, be sure to check out our post on the 9 Shops for Affordable Workout Clothes for even more great retailers!

We hope you found this Fabletics review helpful!  If you have any questions at all, please be sure to email us or drop us a comment below!  

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    xo Lacey

    • I think you’ll really love it! I have been genuinely pleased with both the products and the service so far. My second outfit should be coming any day now so I’ll let you know how the second look looks 🙂 XO

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  12. This sounds great! Good quality, nice selection, ships quickly, all at a reasonable price and the opportunity to opt out during the months you choose to.

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    Also, I’m with you on letting life get in the way of fitness. It’s hard to manage on top of so many other things, but it’s never too late to get back on the wagon!

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    • Right? I completely thought the same thing, but was really pleasantly surprised with the quality. I am used to buying some of the more pricey, recognizable brands and Fabletics was really comparable. Hope you’re having a great Thursday! XO

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    • I felt the same way! I was a little hesitant myself, but have been surprised by the overall quality for the price. I should get my second shipment soon so I’ll let you know how that one turns out as well! Hope you’re having a great week! XO