March 26, 2022

Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta || Our Raw Review

A Lily Love Affair shares a photo of a sunset from the Hotel Mousai roof top pool


Looking to book a stay at Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta? Great news, today we are sharing all of the details regarding our stay including where to eat, what to do, things you must know before booking, the cost and so much more.

We are updating this Hotel Mousai review as of March 2022. There have been a number of additions to the hotel since 2021 including new restaurants, a second hotel tower, shopping on-site, and more.


As you all know, Shawn and I love to travel. New adventures have become such an important part of our lives these last few years. Over the years we have never stayed at the same hotel twice. That was until we visited Hotel Mousai. As of March of 2022, we have now stayed at Hotel Mousai on three separate occasions.

It’s important we highlight this post is in no way sponsored.  We have no affiliation with the resort or its partners.  It’s our goal to simply share our honest experience with you all in hopes it will help you when planning your next trip.  

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Roof top view of the infinity pool at Hotel Mousai
Chicken seasar cups on the roof top of the hotel mousai pool


We first visited Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta in March of 2016.  It was the first time we had the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta.  I was initially hesitant to book the resort as we preferred the Gulf coast for its aqua, picturesque waters.

I booked the trip on a whim after reading a number of positive traveler reviews online.  Y’all, heading to this beautiful luxury hotel was one of the best decisions we’ve made in the last few years.  We fell in love with this beach hotel immediately.  Everything was perfection.  The service.  The location.  The ‘Old Mexico’ feel.  The breathtaking views.  Did we mention the luxurious rooftop infinity pool?

Shawn and I both agree Hotel Mousai has won our hearts long-term.  Almost no vacation, including other five-diamond resorts, has come close to comparing to this incredible stay.  

Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta is the only luxury resort (aside from local Chicago resorts and our trip to Bali) where we have stayed more than once.  We returned to Hotel Mousai in 2018 and again in March of 2022 with much excitement.  And, similar to our last trip, couldn’t resist extending our stay by two more days once there.

Here’s why we love Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta so much …




This luxury resort is located on the West coast of Mexico, just south of the Gulf of California in Puerto Vallarta.

The beauty and unparalleled charisma of Puerto Vallarta lies in its unique blend of traditional ‘Old Mexico’ charm with the modern amenities of a cosmopolitan setting.

The city is graced with beautiful architecture, cobblestone streets, and white stucco buildings.  The renowned sunny climate throughout the year, when you are in Puerto Vallarta there’s no doubt you’re in paradise.

Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta is setting the pace for a new generation of designer, luxury hotels for guests aged over 18.  It offers exclusive experiences by the beach, water sports, and delicious pampering in unrivalled tropical surroundings.

The first and only AAA Five Diamond rated resort in Puerto Vallarta and the state of Jalisco, Hotel Mousai’s fresh flirtatious aesthetics and cutting-edge comfort will inspire you to live sensationally.

A splendid yet precise fusion of imagination, contemporary design, and inventive functionality generates spaces of artistic magnitude and dazzling personality.  The hotel is a gallery of experiences and creativity that will make you feel like a million dollars and pampered like a VIP.  It’s by far one of the best resorts in Puerto Vallarta.  

Each area of the hotel room is its own showcase, with distinct works of art, evoking discrete emotion and character.  And, have we mentioned the incredible rooftop infinity pool?  Just see the incredible photos below.  

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Looking to stay at Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta? We're sharing our honest Hotel Mousai review including cost, the stay, the service and more inside.
Looking to stay at Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta? We're sharing our honest Hotel Mousai review including cost, the stay, the service and more inside.



The Ultra Mousai Suite experience will make you feel like the star of your own movie.

Each Ultra Mousai Suites come with your own personal butler, located on the top floors of the hotel, guaranteeing you the most impressive ocean views from your private terrace, complete with a gold-tiled jetted plunge pool and hammock.  Honestly, y’all, it’s a luxury hotel experience like no other.  It’s what makes Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta so special.

Relax in the chic surroundings in a 1,069 sq. ft suite that features a heavenly king-size bed, mini-lounge with sofa, en suite bathroom with a separate state-of-the-art Toto comfort toilet and walk-in rain shower, twin vanities that flirt like glamorous pillars, a gold-tiled jetted plunge pool on a private terrace and remote-controlled curtains, lighting, and ambiance.

We have stayed in three separate rooms at the hotel over the course of our last two trips and each room offered the same lavish experience.  When possible, I’d recommend booking the Ultra Mousai Corner Suite. 

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Hotel Mousai Review, Puerta Vallarta, Chicago Blogger, Travel Blogger, The Rooftop
Looking to stay at Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta? We're sharing our honest Hotel Mousai review including cost, the stay, the service and more inside.



Aside from the wonderful food, lavish amenities and spectacular location – the service is what separates Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta from any others we have experienced in the past. A five-diamond experience, indeed.

The staff has become almost family.  They are so kind, welcoming, and warm.  Each experience we have had has been personalized from start to finish.  So much so, we have stayed in touch with them over the years.  It was an immediate, effortless experience when we returned a second time this past winter.


Hotel Mousai, Puerta Vallarta, Beach
Looking to stay at Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta? We're sharing our honest Hotel Mousai review including cost, the stay, the service and more inside.



Now, let’s get into the good stuff!  Food and cocktails.  Cheers!

Boasting with several gourmet dining options, Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta is the best dining experience in the area – by far.

Made with garden-fresh ingredients and trendy presentation, the experience will leave you whirling in a culinary circus of flavors, aromas, and textures. It is an epic journey of the palate that will stimulate all the senses, leaving you in a place of unadulterated satisfaction.

Also, Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta guests enjoy the additional privilege of being able to dine at any of the restaurants located within the Garza Blanca Preserve.

Included also in Hotel Mousai’s gourmet all-inclusive package, there are a number of tasty choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and everything in between). I can almost guarantee you will never want to leave the resort. Yum, yum! Here are our favorites:


Lunching on the roof and snacking by the pool take on a whole new dimension of adventurous chic at The Rooftop. Soaring high above Banderas Bay on the 18th floor presents a uniquely hip and happening rooftop beach club experience at 112 meters above sea level.  

While you soak, shamelessly glam, in the expansive rooftop infinity pool surrounded by majestic views of Puerto Vallarta, designer relaxation, flirty signature cocktails, and sumptuous bites and snacks rendezvous with an ultra-chic ambiance and knock out ocean views.

Shawn and I agree, the food is so divine at The Rooftop Bar.  In fact, it’s where we spend about 75% of our time during our visit. 🙂

A few of our favorite menu items include the Sassy Caesar, Shrimp Shake, Pollo Pops (seriously, so good), Teaser Tacos.  

TIP: For cocktails choices, Shawn and I always ask the staff to ‘surprise us.’ It makes for a true experience, really.  The staff really does a magnificent job creating handmade, crafted cocktails that will light up your Instagram feed! 


Prepared with delicacy, precision, and originality, the Hiroshi menu mimics contemporary Asian offerings. Our favorites include sashimi, sushi, rolls, soups, tempura, yakitori, lobster, shrimp, chicken, steak, and vegetables in a potpourri of succulent choice.  

Think raw, think fresh, think spicy – think Hiroshi!  It’s located just off the Hotel Mousai lobby with full access to beautiful sunset views.  Waiting for your reservation, grab a drink in the lavish hotel lobby bar first.  

TIP: Dress up a bit for the experience, when possible.  Also, if you can, book close to sunset.  The views at the restaurant are spectacular in the evening – really adding to the experience.  

Also, men have to wear closed towed shoes at the restaurant.  I made the mistake during our first trip to only pack leather sandals for Shawn.  Despite the fact they were more dressy in nature, we still needed to adhere to their dress code.  

Last, ask for the ‘chef’s special experience’ if you are open to trying new things.  It’s not listed on the menu, but the chef’s experience will allow you to sample new menu items, custom-made by the chef, and provide feedback on what you liked and disliked.  Doing so is one of my absolute favorite parts of the Hiroshi experience.  It’s truly incredible.  



Located at the foot of Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta, next to the Panoramic Pool, this elegant restaurant provides an enigmatic atmosphere with torch-lit horizons and amazing vistas of Banderas Bay.  

Whether sitting inside to enjoy the cooling effect of the air conditioning or outside for a soft ocean breeze, you will enjoy amazing views of Puerto Vallarta while eating any time of the day: breakfast, lunch or dinner.

TIP: If you’re looking for steak at night or an incredible all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet with mimosas in the morning, choose BocaDos.  The views of the sunset are also lovely at this location.  



The chic and luxurious surroundings at Blanca Blue provide the perfect backdrop to experience a wonderfully contemporary meal. Whether you visit for a festive social meeting, a meal with loved ones, or a romantic escape for two, the architecture and sensational natural setting, which showcases astonishing views of Los Arcos and Puerto Vallarta’s Banderas Bay, will enhance your gastronomic experience.

There is space for up to 90 dinner guests in the fully air-conditioned main dining room, while an additional 32 guests can be accommodated on the terrace. The friendly and charming staff at Blanca Blue maintains an extremely high level of service that encourages you to relax and savor the moment.


Looking to stay at Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta? We're sharing our honest Hotel Mousai review including cost, the stay, the service and more inside.



When you book a stay at Hotel Mousai, guests are permitted in all Garza Blanca Preserve facilities. When swimming at the beach you can use umbrellas, loungers, showers and we have a special area for Mousai guests.

Also, all Hotel Mousai guests would be allowed to use Garza Blanca’s two pools, the sports center and all the activities offered and of course access to all of the restaurants, including a snack bar where you can ask for drinks.  Also, waiters will help you!


Hotel Mousai Rooftop, Puerta Vallarta, Hotel Mousai Pool Looking to stay at Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta? We're sharing our honest Hotel Mousai review including cost, the stay, the service and more inside.
Hotel Mousai Review, Puerta Vallarta, Chicago Blogger, Travel Blogger, The Rooftop, Poolside Cocktails
The ‘Enrique Special’
Hotel Mousai Review, Puerta Vallarta, Chicago Blogger, Travel Blogger, The Rooftop



A fun-packed variety of the best activities has been crafted to ensure that playtime at Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta is both chic as well as inspiring. Take your pick from a range of heart-pumping, soul searching, taste bud tempting and talent tweaking activities.

What’s better, almost all of the following activities are free of charge, y’all! Here are our favorites:


Want to take your exercise outdoors?  Nature lovers have a great selection of jungle hikes and walk that will take you through the lush tropical jungles around the Garza Blanca Preserve.

There are three main hiking tours on offer for Hotel Mousai guests: Hiking 1, Hiking 2, and Let’s Go to the River. All of these take you along the amazing trails that loop around the most scenic parts of the preserve.

I highly recommend it!  While it was quite the workout, the views and experience were unforgettable.  



Enjoy a guided trip to Mismaloya and the Los Arcos formation. The rock formation bursts from the sea just a short way from the coast and can be reached by kayak or paddleboard. You can also snorkel, dive and swim at the formation via the Hotel Mousai private beach. 

You’ll set off from the beach either by Kayak or paddleboard, but once you reach Los Arcos you’ll be offered the chance to use snorkelling or diving equipment to make the most of the beautiful scenery and subaquatic wildlife there.



Love to paddleboard or always wanted to give it a try?

You can learn how to use, or simply borrow, some stand up paddleboards from Hotel Mousai as you wish. Believe us when we say it’s one of the best ways to spend a sunny day if you like to be active, and the lessons are so quick.

On-site instructors can show you how to correctly position yourself and minimize the risk of an accident.



By day, Puerto Vallarta’s downtown is a hub of quaint Mexican-ness with flea markets and colorful vendors on the beaches and beloved boardwalk, the Malecon.

As the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean, a transformation takes place in Puerto Vallarta when the trendy night owls come out to play.

The choice is yours of vacation-spirited nightclubs and bars where drinking a yard seems like a great idea to more hardcore venues where high-heels and your favorite shirt is the password for entry.

TIP: Although we never made it into town in the evenings, I highly recommend making the trip during the day.  The town is incredibly quaint and the Old Mexico vibes are strong.  You will not be disappointed.  It’s a very short cab ride from the hotel.  See the front desk or your butler who can coordinate your travel quickly.  




Set within the chic and modern spa resort, Spa Imagine sits like the crown jewel on the fifteenth floor with 360 degree views of the unspoiled ocean, private beach and lush rainforest.  This five-diamond luxury resort really does have it all! 

This luxury spa’s sleek and spacious interior is designed to un-clutter your mind and induce a state of pampered serenity to complement a range of indulgent spa treatments and wellness retreats.

TIP: If you have the opportunity to experience Spa Imagine, I highly recommend the Hydrotherapy Circuit.  You will never forget it!  

Have you experienced Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta?

I hope you all enjoyed reading about our experience.  Shawn and I both get questions all the time about our experience.  Again, it is one that has been unrivaled for us thus far.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to shoot us an email at alilyloveaffair.com.  We’d be glad to answer!

Also, if you’re traveling soon, be sure to check out 30 of the best one-piece swim suits and best straw bags for your vacation!

Have a great week, everyone!

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  2. Next time you’re staying at Mousai go check out the Botanical gardens it is a 45 minute taxi drive from the hotel. My wife and I think it is absolutely amazing. Also the food and drinks are fantastic!

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