May 25, 2020

Rothy’s Shoes Review | Are They Worth The Money?

Have you been looking to buy a pair of Rothy’s shoes?  We have you covered today with our full Rothy’s shoe review?  We’re covering cost, fit, quality and more!


Over the last two years, we have purchased almost 5 different pairs of Rothy’s shoes and today we’re excited to share with you our thoughts on whether they’re worth the cost, our thoughts on the quality, the shoes fit, whether they’re worth the hype and more.  

We have given this post time because we wanted to dive deep into wearing the flats over time, wash them, fold them when traveling to see how they really held up over time.  And, we can say, there are a number of reason we love these Rothy’s style classic flats.  But, there are some things you should be aware of, as well, before purchasing.  

We’ve got lots to cover in this Rothy’s shoes review, but we’d also love to hear your thoughts on them, too.  

In today’s post, we’ll mostly be discussing the collection of Rothy’s flats, but we are dying to try their slipon sneakers, too!  We’ll keep you posted on our thoughts! 🙂  




There are a number of reason we gravitated towards Rothy’s flats, but here are just a few reasons we love the collection over others. 

Did you know Meghan Makele loves Rothy’s style, too? 🙂



Honestly, one of the reasons I love Rothy’s shoes so much is their commitment to sustainability.  All of Rothy’s shoes and bags are knit with 100% recycled plastic. They blend their signature thread—spun from plastic bottles—with marine plastic collected within 30 miles of coastlines and marine environments. To-date, Rothy’s has repurposed more than 59 million water bottles, y’all.  How cool is that?

Also, Rothy’s bags (and shoes) are each 3D knit to shape—resulting in far less waste than typical manufacturing.  Love that! 

All boxes are made from 100% recycled bottles and materials and are strudy enough to ship on their own.  No box-in-box shipping with Rothy’s.  Plus, all of their cardboard shoe inserts are biodegradeable, too.  Just keeps getting better, right?



All shoes and bag are fully machine washable.  Whether they just need a quick refresh or a full wash, you can simply removethe insole or bottom inserts from either the shoes or bags, throw in the wash and air dry.  Simple as that! And, definitely worth the hype.  

If you’re anything like us, we do occasionally get a smell in our shoes from sweat, wear, etc.  Other than my sneakers, I don’t own any other stylish flats or dress shoes that can be quickly and easily washed.  After wearing these rounded toe or pointy toe flats all season long, it’s really convenient to easily thrown them into the wash.  



What would this Rothy’s shoes review be without talking about comfortability?  Stephen and Roth, co-founders of Rothy’s, realized something was missing from the market. Sustainability was growing in importance but was not yet stylish, and style and comfort rarely coexisted.  That’s not the case with any pair of Rothy’s shoes we’ve tried so far.  

Rothy’s shoes really are as comfortable as they claim to be.  What I really like is the flats are made with a seamless material meaning there are no uncomfortable seams that will scratch or rub on your feet creating painful blisters.  

We have walked all over the city AND the office for hours and hours with no discomfort at all.  I will say, besides sustainability, the comfort of Rothy’s shoes is one of the top reasons to love their collection. They quite literally feel like slippers. There are no other dress shoes in my closet quite like them. 

As for Rothy’s sizing, I own both the rounded toe and pointy toed flats and both fit true to size.  



If you love to travel like we do, you need shoes you can either comfortably travel in or pack in your luggage without taking up a lot of room.  You can bend and squish these flats and they will bounce back perfectly with no signs of packing.  They’re the perfect travel shoes.  



We’ll share more about our favorite Rothy’s styles below, but Rothy’s offers a ton of great styles for virually everyone.  The collection offers both classic styles and beautiful prints. Whether you like a more rounded toe or pointy toe, slipon sneakers or ballet flats there is a fit and style for all.  Not to mention, I love their sneaker styles, as well.  Because of that, this makes investing in a pair of Rothy’s worth the hype, in my opinion.  




One of the most common questions we get is with regardings to Rothy’s shoes sizing.  Do they fit true to size?  Are they good for narrow feet?  In my opinion, yes, they do. For reference, I have both The Point (pointed toe flats) and The Loafer (more of a rounded toe flat) and chose my regular size – a size 6.  

Having had my Rothy’s for over a year now, with many wears and washes, I have found the flats do not stretch or give in size.  They have maintained their original shape and style regardless of wear and wash.  If you are between sizes often, I might recommend sizing up one size as they will not change shape over time.  

If for some reason you buy Rothy’s in the incorrect size, there’s good news!  Rothy’s offers free returns. Simply place them back into the mail hassle-free.  




Over the past year or two Rothy’s has added several more cute styles and patterns to their collection – now including bags, too!  I’m dying to get my hands on the tote!  Here are some of the many styles you’ll find available via Rothy’s website.  



The Flat style is the original Rothy’s shoe – the one that started it all 🙂  Full of well-rounded style, it should gently hug the contour of your foot. Your heel should feel secure from slipping but your toes should have a little wiggle room. Rothy’s signature thread will give ever-so-slightly over time, but it won’t stretch much. Available in 15 colors.  

COST: $125 


THE FLIP (a flip-slop style) 

I am dying to get my hands on a pair of these cute flip-slop style from Rothy’s.  The Flip is a square-toe take on quintessential summer style. Your foot should fit comfortably and the shoe should gently hug the contour of your foot. The Flip is available in whole sizes only, so if you typically wear a half size—or are between two sizes—their website recommends sizing down.  Another perfect pair of travel shoes for your next vacation.  

COST: $65



Similar to The Flip, I would love to get my hands on these adorable sandals for Spring and Summer.  Available in 4 colors, The Knot is a classic sandal with a timeless twist. According to Rothy’s, your foot should fit comfortably and the shoe should gently hug the contour of your foot—and not be too snug. Rothy’s style signature thread will give ever-so-slightly, but it won’t stretch. Those with wider feet may find going up half a size most comfortable.

COST: $115



The Loafer is one of my favorite shoe styles available.  This beauty is available in 16 classic styles.  The Loafer is a modern spin on a timeless classic. A great dress shoe.  It should gently hug the contour of your foot, and the vamp (which is higher than that of The Flat or The Point) should comfortably sit on top of your foot and not be too snug. Rothy’s signature thread will give ever-so-slightly over time, but it won’t stretch much.

COST: $165



How insanely cute are these Mary Jane flats?  I want them in literally every single color!  These will definitely be a pair I invest in this Fall and Winter.  I am obsessed with the all black pair and leopard options.  Like, really obsessed.  The bow design and pointed toe make these a closet must-have for sure!  Adding these to my wish list already.  Available in 6 colors.  

COST: $155



The Point are my favorite pair of Rothy’s style flats I have purchased thus far.  They come in 23 really great colors perfect for every single season.  You cannot go wrong with this classic style.  I won them in hot pink, as seen above.  You’ll have them in your closet for years to come – regardless or which color or pattern you happen to choose.  Made with a classic point these are a must!  I need to invest in the black pair asap.  

The Point provides sharp style with endless comfort. As this style features our most narrow toe box, we recommend going up half a size for those whose feet are wider than a B. Rothy’s signature thread will give ever-so-slightly over time, but it won’t stretch much.  And, another great dress shoe for the office and beyond. And, are certainly worth the hype if we haven’t mentioned that yet :).  

If you’re thinking about getting any pair, these may be the Rothy’s style I recommend.  

COST: $145



The Sneaker is a relatively new style available from Rothy’s.  I have heard great things about the ease and comfortability of these beautiful slipon sneakers.

The Sneaker serves up cool, slip-on street style. As this shoe features Rothy’s highest sidewalls, The Sneaker has less give to accommodate for width. They recommend going up half a size for those whose feet are wider than a B. Rothy’s signature thread will give ever-so-slightly over time, but it won’t stretch much.  Available in 9 colors.  

COST: $125



Another really cute Rothy’s style I’d love to invest in this Spring and Summer.  These adorable sandals are available in 4 colors and perfect for your needs this season.  I love the fashionable three strap design.

The Triple Band is a strappy stunner made for sunny days. Your foot should fit comfortably and should gently hug the contour of your foot—and not be too snug. Rothy’s signature thread will give ever-so-slightly, but it won’t stretch. Due to its construction, The Triple Band does not have much give to accommodate for width.

COST: $115




As you can see from the above, Rothy’s shoes run between $65 – $165 in cost.  I agree, at the higher end, the price tag can be quite an investment.  I will say though, based on their wear and tear, their versatility and ability to wash them – the collection is worth the hype and investment.  As I mentioned above, I have had all 5 pairs for the last several years and they look as new today as the day they arrived in the mail.  



While Rothy’s styles rarely goes on sale, they do offer a very generous discount program for school teachers and now healthcare workers, as well.  

Rothy’s is proud of the community, particularly those who spend their days building a brighter, healthier future. That’s why they recently opened up their existing school teacher discount program to include first responders and medical professionals like doctors, nurses or hospital staff.

Not only have they expanding the number of 20% off discount codes from two to four, they are now also offering a one-time 50% off discount code* as a way of saying thanks. To get verified, see here on the Rothy’s website before May 31 to participate.  Please see the Rothy’s website for rules and eligibility.  





Rothy’s are made to be washed in a washing machine.  You don’t have to do anything special to your Rothy’s shoes before sending them into the spin cycle. Simply remove the insole and toss them in directly with your washing machine.

Next, add your choice of detergent.  Make sure it isn’t overly harsh so that the colors of your shoes will stay true.  

Once you have added mild detergent to your washer, set your washer to the delicate cycle, ensuring the water temperature is set to ‘cold’.  Never use hot or warm water when machine washing your shoes because it could warp their shape or encourage the color to bleed.

One of the main benefits of being able to throw Rothy’s directly into the washer that they’re made with a unique seam-free construction that molds to your feet, so there are no loose threads to get pulled during the washing cycle.

Once your shoes are done in the wash, be sure to air dry them versus placing them in the dryer.  

Rothy’s are made to be breathable and have quick drying properties, so you won’t be waiting too long once they’re out of the washing machine.



You can typically only purchase Rothy’s shoes and bags directly from the Rothy’s website.  However, if you are located in the San Fracisco area, you can also stop by their flagship store!  



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